CATLIN staff participated in the Society of Military Engineers (SAME) US Marine Corps Engineering and Construction Camp in June at MCB Camp Lejeune. Mike E. Mason and Kameron Smith represented CATLIN and the SAME Cape Fear Post at the STEM Camp.

They hosted the Engineering Reaction Course which included five activities for each team with direction and evaluation provided by the Post. Following each event the teams were graded and an eventual team winner was declared at the end of the competition.

The SAME – US Marine Corps camp is geared toward students interested in pursuing engineering related studies in college or a service academy and is built on the steps Professionals encounter when working with a client to deliver sound installation and facilities related products.

Campers live, eat and complete activities as a squad of 10, under the guidance of a uniformed service member and two STEM related working professionals. Berthing is provided in Marine Corps barracks, meals are taken at galleys or in the field, and instruction is conducted at various sites aboard MCB Camp Lejeune.

More info on SAME STEM Camps:

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