Landfills and dumps closed prior to January 1, 1983, may be eligible to receive reimbursement for assessment and remediation activities under the NCDENR Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch (IHSB). NC Legislation has established a fund to assist with assessment and if necessary clean-up of these sites. CATLIN can help with addressing the environmental liability, assessment and clean-up or initiating redevelopment of unused assets into potentially revenue generating public assets. Our experienced personnel are knowledgeable in the NCDENR regulations and have successfully negotiated projects through the assessment process and the complex regulatory framework.

Our Assessment approach includes:

  • Implementation of Health & Safety Program
  • Summary of site history and historical operations
  • Evaluation of the vertical and horizontal extent of waste
  • Waste characterization if industrial or hazardous waste
  • Groundwater, leachate and surface water sampling and analysis
  • Potable well survey within 1,000 feet of site boundaries
  • Landfill gas testing (above ground vapors, subsurface vapor samples, vapor
    intrusion considerations)
  • Receptor and sensitive environment areas survey and mapping
  • Evaluation of remedial goals
  • Local geology and hydrogeology evaluation
  • Preparation and submittal of appropriate documents

Our Remediation approach includes:

  • Implementation of Health & Safety Program
  • Development and implementation of remedial action plan for waste fill, hot spot removal, groundwater, surface water, soils and sediment
  • Development and implementation of monitoring plan for groundwater, surface water and sediment
  • Recordation of land use restrictions (LUR) and public notification
  • Development of site buffers
  • Waste removal and excavation
  • Installation of engineered landfill cap, repair cap, barriers, erosion control measures
  • Leachate and groundwater treatment
  • Controlling migration of groundwater contamination
  • Preparation and submittal of appropriate documents

CATLIN’s in-house personnel can provide all of your landfill and dump assessment and remediation services including historical research, assessment and remediation guidance and execution, regulatory agency coordination, public involvement and input, redevelopment assistance and government agency education and liaison.